What we do

Bluntly stated, we get things done. People hire us because we are do'ers. Areas we work in include:

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Partnered with and acting as an extended arm of GE Additive, NineTwelve Industries offers metal additive manufacturing services focused on GE Binder Jet technology. We can produce your part, we can teach you Binder Jet technology, we can support your design-to-build process, we can be your Binder Jet R&D department.

Industry 4.0

Cost and technical hurdles have traditionally excluded small and medium manufacturers from leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies. Advances in computing technology have democratized the connected factory. We have expertise in multiple hardware and software solutions to ensure you find the path that fits your organization financially and technically.

Manufacturing Consulting

5S, VSM, PDCA, DMAIC, SMED, SMART, FMEA, PFMEA, KAN BAN, etc. Lots of irritating acronyms in the world of manufacturing. Behind these acronyms are important concepts to running an efficient operation. We can break these concepts down for you, make them easily digestible, and support you in your journey to lean manufacturing self-sufficiency.

Manufacturing Collaboration Center

NineTwelve Industries owns and operates the Emerging Manufacturing Collaboration Center (EMC2) located in the 16 Tech Innovation District of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. EMC2 is a 60,000 square foot (5,575 sq meter) co-working space and industry park under one roof. EMC2 serves as a platform for collaboration among entities collocated within the facility.


VFDs, servos, bearings, relays, PLCs, linear guides, etc, are electronic and mechanical components that serve as the building blocks of the modern factory. The term mechatronics is the combination of "mechanical" and "electronics." We are your mechanical and electronics experts ready to support you from troubleshooting to new project design-and-build.

Meet your team

The NineTwelve team consists of techincal experts with both deep and wide manufacturing experience.

Kent Anderson

General Manager

Georgian Simion

Director of Advanced Manufacturing

Gary Schloemer

Mechatronics Engineer

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1250 Indiana Avenue, Indianapolis Indiana, 46202, US